About Us

Healthier Life Pharmaceuticals is a brand of medicine and food supplements that we developed in 2019 under the Pharmatech LB GmbH Pharmaceutical company based in Germany. The aim is to produce high-quality pharmaceutical products that help solve health problems within society.
All our products are manufactured within the EU under the best regulations and under the supervision of experienced and knowledgeable staff. These products are developed, designed, and produced with one question in mind “how can we help solve your medical problems and meet your medical needs as best as we can?”. This is why we have developed a wide and varied portfolio of products ranging from iron supplements to antibacterials, available in various different dosage forms. We hope that you can find your solution within our portfolio.

Our History

In August 2019, Pharmatech LB GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany by Dr. Bashdar, an assistant professor in College of Pharmacy, Hawler Medical University, and Mr. Lateef, who has more than 20 years of previous experience as executive manager and who became the Director of the company. This company was built as a joint venture project with Pharmatech Company For Drugs and Medical Supply, owned by the same two founders of Pharmatech LB GmbH, for the purpose of strengthening the pharmaceutical business relations between Europe and the Middle East.

Soon after the founding of the company, the Healthier Life brand of food supplements and drugs was developed in order to carry out our activities under this brand and image. Currently, we are developing multiple products in Spain and Poland under our brand with experienced and knowledgeable partners.


Pharmatech LB GmbH has always been a committed partner and has always fulfilled contract terms with all partners. We only deal with manufacturers on the basis of exclusivity for any product that we develop.
For our partners, we provide a complete range of services from registration of manufacturer, to approval and registration of drugs and supplements, and also the transportation, importation, and marketing and sales of the products.
We are always open for meetings and discussions regarding new potential business partnerships. For any inquiries or concerns, you can reach us by email or phone, which are always open and available.

Our Presentation