Quality Products

For A Healthier Life

We strive to make high-quality medicine and supplements available for affordable prices. 

A Developer of FDFs

Rapid Advance

We have more than 10 years of successful growth since our founding in 2010.

Promoting Health

Our aim in this business is to support and promote health in the society.

Market Presence

Our extensive network of representatives is distributed throughout all of Iraq.

International Partners

We produce and import our products with partners around the world.


About Us

Healthier Life Pharmaceuticals is a brand of medicine and food supplements that we developed in 2019 under the Pharmatech LB GmbH Pharmaceutical company based in Germany.

All our products are manufactured within the EU under the best regulations and are developed, designed, and produced with one question in mind “how can we help solve your medical problems and meet your medical needs as best as we can?”.